物性研究所 低温液化室
Cryogenic Service Lab. ISSP
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High-pressure Gas Safety Education and Certification Card

利用講習会について High-pressure Gas Safety Education

受講対象者と講習会の種類 Target Participant and Course Types

受講対象者 Target Participant

講習会の種類 Course Types

申込み Application

Advance application is required for this education. Please apply from the followiong.


Course type
Application and notes
Regular Course

定期講習申込(学内用) / Regular Cource Application(UTokyo)

    対象者 Target Participant
  • 全員(未経験者・初心者優先)
    Anyone (priority is given to inexperienced users and beginners)
    注意点 Notes
  • 定期講習会の開催要項はこちらをご覧下さい
    Click here for more information on the regular course.
  • 詳しい申込手順・注意事項はこちら
    Click here for detailed application procedures and notes.
  • 全学の環境安全教育を管理する「受講管理システム」よりお申込みください。上記、オレンジ色のボタンをクリックすると受講管理システムへ移行します(学内のみアクセス可)。
    Advance application via "Attendance Management System" is required. To sign up, click the orange button below and visit the “Attendance Management System for EHS Education” site (internal access only).
  • システムにログインできない場合は上記の申込手順・注意事項のページをご確認ください。
    If you are unable to log in to the system, please refer to the application procedure and notes page above.
  • この受講システムにサインインするには、学生証または職員証の右下に記載されている下10桁の共通ID(下図参照)が必要です。UTokyo Accountの詳細についてはこちらのページをご覧下さい。
    To log in to this system, UTokyo account (10 digit numbers) is required. The numbers are written on the bottom right of your UTokyo ID card. For more information about UTokyo account, please visit this page.

Online Course

オンライン講習申込みフォーム / Online Course Application Form

    対象者 Target Participant
  • 原則として経験者。
    As a general rule, those who are experienced in handling high pressure gas
  • 諸般の理由により定期講習会の受講が難しい方も受講可。但し、未経験者・初心者の場合は、テスト終了後、対面の【実演/実習】も受講すること。
    If attending the regular course is difficult for some reasons, you can also take the online course. However, if you are not experienced or a beginner, you must attend the face-to-face "hands on training" after the test.
  • 【実演/実習】は、30分程度で、申込日から一週間以降の希望日(開室日)を、第三希望日(午前/午後 選択可)まで選択可能。但し、液化室の都合によって調整することもあります。
    "hands on training" lasts about 30 minutes. You can choose up to your third choice of day (AM or PM option)for the "hands on training", which will be held one week after the date of application. However, this may be adjusted depending on our availability.
    注意点 Notes
  • この講習は、オンライン上で配布する資料や動画等を参照しながらテストを行い、全問正解すると講習修了資格が得られるスタイルの講習です。
    In Online courses, you will take a test using online handouts and videos, and if you answer all the questions correctly (100 points), you will complete the education and be given the qualification.
  • 受講前に紙の資料を必要とする方は、液化室まで直接取りに来るかメールにてご連絡ください。
    If you need paper Handouts, please come directly to CSL to pick them up or email us in advance.
  • 回答に時間制限はありませんが、習熟度によって回答時間が異なります。
    There is no time limit for the test, but the time to finish the test depends on how you are experienced with high pressure gas.
  • 早い方ですと5分程度、初心者ですと60分以上かかります。
    It will take about 5 minutes for the experienced people and about 60 minutes for beginners.
  • 上記申込みフォームよりお申し込み下さい。
    Please apply from the application form above.
  • 申込み内容を確認後、液化室 開室時間中にメールにてオンライン講習サイトをご案内します。
    After confirming your application, we will let you know the Online Course site by e-mail during the CSL's open hours.
  • なお、セキュリティ上の理由により、オンライン講習サイトのURLが変更されることがありますので、案内メールが到着した日より2週間以内に受講して下さい。
    For security reasons, the URL of the Online Course site may be changed, so please take the course within two weeks from the date you receive the email.
Brief Course

簡易講習申込みフォーム / Brief Course Application Form

    対象者 Target Participant
  • 原則として、共同利用、短期滞在者等
    As a general rule, Joint Research users, short term visitors, etc.
  • 様々な理由により上記講習会の受講が難しい場合も受講可。但し、未経験者・初心者の場合は、対面の【実演/実習】も受講することとするが、担当教員による誓約書提出により省略可能。
    If attending the other courses (regular or online) is difficult for some reasons, you can also take the brief course. However, if you are not experienced or a beginner, you must attend the face-to-face "hands on training" as well.Hands-on training can be skipped if a written pledge is submitted by the faculty member in charge.
    注意点 Notes
  • 原則として、物性研 低温液化室 居室(B116号室)での受講となります。
    In principle, this course will be held in the CSL room (room B116), ISSP.
  • この講習は、説明等はほとんど無く、配布されたテキストを参照しながらテストを行い基準点に達していれば講習修了資格が得られるスタイルの講習です。
    In brief courses, there is almost no oral explanation or lecture and you will take a test referring to the textbook. If your score reaches to the passing score, you will complete the education and be given the qualification.
  • 但し、研究室代表者(教授・准教授等)が責任を持って安全管理・及び指導を行う事を前提とするので、同時に誓約書も提出する必要があります。
    However, because the representative of the laboratory (professor, associate professor, etc.) is responsible for the safety management and instruction, submission of a written pledge to CSL is necessary.
  • 回答に時間制限はありませんが、習熟度によって回答時間が異なります。
    There is no time limit for the test, but the time to finish the test depends on how you are experienced with high pressure gas.
  • 早い方ですと5分程度、初心者ですと60分以上かかります。
    It will take about 5 minutes for the experienced people and about 60 minutes for beginners.
  • 上記、申込みフォームよりお申し込み下さい。折り返しメールにて詳細をご案内します。
    Please apply from the application form above. Details will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • 日程調整を行う必要がありますので、出来るだけ受講希望日の一週間前までにお申込みください。なお、状況によっては、希望日に対応が出来ない事もありますので予めご了承下さい。
    Please apply one week before the date you want to take this course, as we need to arrange the schedule. Also, please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on our schedule.
Irregular Course
    対象者 Target Participant
  • 5名以上のまとまった受講者がいる場合、臨時かつ個別に講習会を開催します。
    If there are 5 or more participants in a group, we will hold an irregular course.
    注意点 Notes
  • 定期講習会の内容を対面で行います。
    The program is same as the regular course, and it will be held in face-to-face.
  • 臨時講習会を希望される方はメールにてお問い合わせください。
    Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to take an irregular course.
  • なお、新型コロナ感染症の予防対策が必要な期間は中止としていますので、上記、簡易講習かオンライン講習をご利用下さい。
    Please note that this course has been suspended during the period when the spread of Covid-19 infection must be prevented. Please take brief or online courses during that period.

キャンセル・申込み内容の変更 Cancelling & Changing Application

定期講習会 開催要項 Regular Course Information

Resumption of the High Pressure Gas Safety Lectures

When the University of Tokyo Activity Restriction Index is between Lv. S and C, the regular high pressure gas safety lectures are held taking the measures regarding the novel coronavirus infection. However, we will limit the number of participants to about 30, so priority will be given to inexperienced and beginners, and only those who really need to take the course are welcome to attend.

If you are in a hurry to attend this training course, we offer a brief course or an online course (in principle, for experienced person). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

日程 Schedule

Application Deadline
Participant Limit
Tue. April 19, 2022
Sun. April 17, 2022
物性研 本館6階大講義室
Lecture Room (A632), 6th Floor, ISSP
30 日本語
Wed. April 20, 2022
Wed. May 11, 2022
Mon. May 9, 2022
Wed. June 22, 2022
Mon. June 20, 2022
Wed. July 27, 2022
Mon. July 25, 2022
Wed. Oct. 12, 2022
Mon. Oct. 10, 2022
Wed. Nov. 16, 2022
Mon. Nov. 14, 2022

時間 Time

13:30~16:00 (終了時刻は多少前後します。Closing time may be change.)

In principle, participants are not allowed to enter or leave the room during the lecture.

内容 Program

受付 Reception

13:00 受付開始
Reception starts at 13:00

講習 Lecture

  1. 高圧ガス保安法
    The High Pressure Gas Safety Act
  2. 高圧ガスの性質・事故例とその対策
    High Pressure Gases Characteristics and Accidents
  3. 容器・圧力調整器の取扱い
    How to Handle Cryogen Containers, Gas Cylinders and Equipment
  4. 柏キャンパス内での寒剤供給および高圧ガスボンベの利用方法
    How to Use Cryogens and Gases on Kashiwa Campus
  5. テストとビデオ上映
    TEST and Video

実演/実習 Hands on Training

Hands-on training for beginners will be held after the lecture. Participation in the training is voluntary. If you are a beginner or interested in the contents of the training listed below, please participate in the training. (Training is held only in Japanese.)

Duration: 20-30 min

※Contents of the training may change depending on participant's need.

各種利用講習会修了証 Certification Card

各種利用講習会修了証 Certification Card

利用修了証が不要になったら When your certification card become unnecessary

卒業・転職・退職等で不要となった利用講習修了証は速やかに下記まで返却下さい。液化室への直接返却も可能です。 また、封筒に「利用講習修了証返却」と朱書きしてください。
If you no longer need the certification card because of graduation, job change, retirement, etc, please return it immediately to the following address or directly to CSL. Please write "Return of certification card" in red on the envelope.

学内から From inside of the University of Tokyo

物性研究所 低温液化室 宛

TO Cryogenic Seveice Lab, ISSP

学外から From outside of the University of Tokyo

東京大学 物性研究所 低温液化室 宛

TO Cryogenic Service Lab, ISSP
The Univercity of Tokyo
5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-8581

その他 Other information


Until FY2017, there were two types of educations, "Cryogen Safety Education" and "High-pressure gas cylinder Safety Education". However, because there were only few participants in the "High-pressure gas cylinder Safety Education", they have been integrated into one education, "High-pressure Gas Safety Education" from FY2018 to cut down on labor.

If you have attended the "Cryogen Safety Education" or "High-pressure gas cylinder Safety Education", you are still qualified to use high pressure gas and our services, so you DO NOT NEED to attend the new education, "High-Pressure Gas Safety Education".

However, if you have attended only the "High-pressure gas cylinder Safety Education" and are going to use cryogen, you are required to attend the "High-Pressure Gas Safety Education".

Please contact CSL if you have any further questions.

Linkage with the "Attendance Management System for EHS Education", which manages safety education courses across the university

As of September 19, 2018, if you took the education before September 2017 or applied for the education from other than the "Attendance Management System" (such as "General Application Form"), your education history is not reflected in the "Attendance Management System for EHS Education", which is operated by Environmental Science Center and manages safety education courses across the university.

学内共通ID(10桁)をお持ちで、「受講管理システム」に受講履歴の反映を希望される方は個別に対応しております。低温液化室で、反映処理は行っておりますので、以下を明記の上、液化室までメール( ekika@issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp )でご連絡下さい。
If you have UTokyo account ID (10-digit ID) and want to have your education record reflected in the "Attendance Management System for EHS Education", we will deal with it on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to CSL at [ekika@issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp] with the following information.

After October 2017, all the attendance records of "High-Pressure Gas Safety Education" applied through the "Attendance Management System for EHS Education" with a 10-digit ID have been reflected in the education record.

参考ページ等 Reference pages, etc.

※1 柏キャンパスの定義 Definition of Kashiwa Campus

・第157号 液化室だより(Japanese only)

本講習会における感染症予防対策 Prevention of infection at Regular Corse

・第156号 液化室だより(Japanese only)

高圧ガスボンベ 関連 Related to high pressure gas cylinders

・東京大学 柏キャンパス 高圧ガスボンベ利用内規
The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus High Pressure Gas Cylinder Usage Regulations(Japanese)
How to use a high-pressure gas cylinder(Japanese)

寒剤利用 関連

・物性研 低温液化室利用内規

・液体窒素汲み出し場 使用者登録手続き について(物性研の窒素汲み出し場を利用する方のみ)