Application Guide for ISSP Visiting Professorship


The Institute for Solid State Physics (“ISSP”) of the University of Tokyo invites application for its Visiting Professor positions, as part of its efforts to promote research collaboration with external researchers. The term of the appointment is expected for three to twelve months, and a total of four to six positions are expected to be filled. The specific appointment dates, which will start at the earliest in September 2021, will be determined in discussion with the host professor. We are seeking applicants from the areas where the applicants and ISSP researchers can collaborate based on their mutual interest, the result of which is expected to contribute to significant scientific advancement. At ISSP, many research activities are conducted in the areas of condensed matter physics but other related projects may also be considered.


The successful candidates must demonstrate their academic and scientific excellence, as well as timeliness and good interpersonal skills to get along well with ISSP colleagues.


To apply, please first contact an ISSP faculty member you would like to be hosted by. Then, submit the following documents to your prospective host by no later than July 31, 2020:


●List of publications
●Brief outline of research proposal
●Three names of reference


No application will be accepted after the deadline. The applications received will be reviewed by the Selection Committee in its 2020 fall meeting.


The openings are also being advertised in Physics Today and Science.


ISSP approves the ATHENA Program, a gender empowerment initiative proposed by the Physical Society of Japan. We welcome and encourage applications from foreign female researchers.