Highway Express bus is the easiest way to get from airport to venue (or Kashiwa-no-ha campus station).
If the arrival time doesn't match with bus schedule, please use train.
  Airport Bus (From Narita International Airport) *Keisei Bus

Narita International Airport ⇔ Kashiwanoha-campus Station
  Fare 1,700 one way 
  Time  Approx. 65min
Bus stops    Narita Terminal 1, Arrival Lobby (1st Floor)
   Narita Terminal 2, Arrival Lobby (Main Building 1st Floor)
Narita Terminal3, Public area (2nd Floor)

Bus Table: From Narita Airport to Kashiwanoha-campus

Bus Table: From Kashiwanoha-campus to Narita Airport

  Airport Bus (Keihin Kyuko Bus)(From Haneda International Airport)

Haneda Airport ⇔Kashiwa Station. West Exit (via Kashiwanoha-campus Station)
  Fare 1,540 one way 
  Time  Approx. 90min
 Ticket Sales Haneda Terminal 1 and 2, Arrival Lobby (1st Floor) automatic ticket machine or bus ticket counter.

# Bus stops location:
   Haneda International Terminal,
Arrival Lobby (2F) No.6
   Haneda Terminal 1, Arrival Lobby (1F) No.13
   Haneda Terminal 2, Arrival Lobby (1F) No.13

There are two routes to get to Kashiwanoha-campus as follows.
   1. Haneda <---> Kashiwanoha-campus
   2. Haneda <---> Kita-Senju Railway Station
(*Please take the TX Line for Tsukuba, after you arrive "Kita-Senju Station".) 

Bus Table: From Haneda Airport to Kashiwanoha-campus & Kita-Senju

Bus Table: From Kashianoha-campus & Kita-Senju to Haneda Airport

  The closest station to the venue is Tsukuba Express "Kashiwa-no-ha campus" station.

  The venue is located near the station; only 1 min. walk away from the West Exit of "Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station".

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