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ICFCM is financially supported by
Sendai Tourism & Convention Bureau.
Organizing Commitee

    H. Kawamura (Chair, Osaka Univ.)
    T. Arima (Local, Tohoku Univ.)
    H. Kageyama (Kyoto Univ.)
    H. Katori (RIKEN)
    S. Maegawa (Kyoto Univ.)
    K. Ohwada (JAEA)
    H. Tsunetsugu (Univ. of Tokyo)

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The International Conference on Frustration in Condensed Matter (ICFCM) will be held
in Sendai, Japan, from January 11th to 14th, 2011, at Sendai International Center.
The conference will be held under the auspices of The MEXT project "Novel State of Matter Induced by Frustration", Head investigator: Hikaru Kawamura (Osaka University),
Term: year 2007-2012. The conference will cover a variety of frustration-related phenomena in condensed matter physics, including
  • novel order and spin liquids in geometrically frustrated magnets
  • coupling between spin, lattice, charge and orbital degrees of freedom
  • frustration and chirality
  • itinerant frustrated systems
  • multiferroics
  • dielectrics and relaxors
  • etc.
The conference will consist of both invited and contributed presentations giving a complete and up-to-date picture of research in the fields of frustration in condensed matter. Poster sessions will also be organized to encourage and develop interactions among participants. Participation from outside of the project is welcome, either from inside or outside of Japan. The registration fee except for the banquet is free. Application of presentation from outside of the project, mostly being assigned to posters, is also encouraged.
Invited speakers        
Poster session            
Travel information      

  International Conference on Frustration in Condensed Matter (ICFCM)
   Jan. 11-14, 2011, Sendai, Japan