About the Kashiwa City, Kashiwa Campus:

Kashiwa is a major city on the south bank of Tone River in the north-western part of Chiba prefecture. The city of population 380,000 is also close to the central part of Tokyo; JR Kashiwa station is connected to the Tokyo station by about 40 minutes. The downtown Kashiwa is a very active commercial area located around the JR station in good contrast with our Kashiwa campus. The campus enjoys a more serene atmosphere with a large public park located adjacent to it. The Tsukuba express (TX) railway connects the campus area directly to Akihabara in 30 minutes, the famous center of electric merchandises, as well as to Tsukuba Science City. The nearby TX station is "Kashiwanoha Campus", in front of which a large shopping mall opened in November 2006.

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