Date: Feb. 16(Mon) - 19(Thr), 2009
Place: ISSP auditorium

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A book of abstracts is now available.
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Important dates
Dec. 26(Fri): Abstract submission and Registration deadline

Scope and Background
Every year, we host a domestic workshop in which most of the heavy users of the ISSP super computers get together and exchange ideas. On the scheduled date of the next workshop, the present supercomputer system will be finishing its 4th year of the 5 year lease contract. We consider this is a good opportunity to have an international event by expanding our annual workshop, in order to review most important recent results in computational physics and stimulate further developments in both methodology and applications. To name several expected topics of discussion: extended ensemble method, diagrammatic expansion and Monte Carlo sampling, tensor product wave functions and variational calculation, first-principles calculation and combination with quantum Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics calculation for the reactions near the surface, systems with long-range interactions, multi-ferroics, etc.

Invited Speakers
H. Akai (Osaka) W. J. Briels (Twente)
T. Deguchi (Ochanomizu) Z. Fang (Beijing)
U. H. E. Hansmann (Michigan Tech) K. Hukushima (Tokyo)
J. Ihm (Seoul) M. Imada (Tokyo)
N. Ito (Tokyo) D. P. Landau (Georgia)
Y. Morikawa (Osaka) M. Mueller (Goettingen)
A. Oshiyama (Tokyo) H. de Raedt (Groningen)
A. Sandvik (Boston) M. Scheffler (FHI-Berlin)
P. Sengupta (Los Alamos) S. Takada (Kyoto)
S. Todo (Tokyo) T. Tohyama (Kyoto)
S. Trebst (UC Santa Barbara) M. Troyer (ETH)
N. Yoshida (IPMU)

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Abstract Submission
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Institute for Solid State Physics

Organizing Committee
Naoki Kawashima (ISSP, Chair) Hiroshi Noguchi (ISSP)
Osamu Sugino (ISSP) Takafumi Suzuki (ISSP)
Yusuke Tomita (ISSP) Shinji Tsuneyuki (U. Tokyo)
Yoshihide Yoshimoto (ISSP)

Advisory Board
B. A. Berg (Florida) G. Gompper (Juelich)
Zenji Hiroi (ISSP) Masatoshi Imada (U. Tokyo)
Yasuhiro Iye (ISSP) Toshihiro Kawakatsu (Tohoku)
D. P. Landau (Georgia) Sadamichi Maekawa (Tohoku)
Seiji Miyashita (U. Tokyo) Yutaka Okabe (Tokyo Metropolitan U.)
Hajime Takayama (JPS, The Editor of JPSJ) Kiyoyuki Terakura (AIST)
M. Troyer (ETH) Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (ISSP)
Kazuo Ueda (ISSP)

ISSP. GCOE for Physical Sciences Frontier, MEXT, Japan

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