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Cryogenic Service Laboratory
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Cryogenic Service Laboratory (1) supplies liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, (2) provides general services concerning cryogenic techniques, and (3) manages high-pressure gas cylinders used in Kashiwa Campus. The laboratory has its own liquefiers to produce liquid helium for the researchers and the students in Kashiwa Campus. The evaporated helium gas is recovered and purified for recondensing. In the fiscal year 2017, a total of 320,000 L liquid helium was produced, of which 224,865 L was supplied to users. The recondensed liquid helium is transferred from a 10,000 L storage vessel to various small storages by using a centrifugal immersion pump system. Meanwhile, the laboratory purchases liquid nitrogen from outside manufacturers. In FY 2017, liquid nitrogen of 822,820 L was supplied.

Main Facilities
  • Helium liquefier system I (Linde)   200 L/hr
  • Helium liquefier system II (Linde)   233 L/hr
  • Liquid helium storage vessel      10,000 L
  • Liquid nitrogen storage tanks    20,000 L
  • Helium gas recovery compressor  190 m3/hr
  • Liquid helium transport containers 500 L, 250 L, 100 L etc.
  • Centrifugal immersion pump system 20 L/min
hand, foot and colthing monitor
Helium liquefier, storage and transfer system