ISSP - The institute for Solid State Physics

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Director's Message
Director Hatsumi MORI

In the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), more than 40 faculty members are conducting basic research in a wide range of materials science. They also contribute to education in the graduate schools of the University of Tokyo. Since ISSP is a national joint-research institute, a large number of scientists visit ISSP every year from all over the world for collaboration and discussion. The ISSP is highly regarded as a research center producing the cutting-edge science and also as an international hub for the scientific exchange of researchers.

Graduate education at ISSP seeks to foster young researchers to gain comprehensive skills and broad perspectives, transcending the boundaries of conventional disciplines such as physics and chemistry, or science and technology. The ISSP also offers a unique opportunity to do researches with the state-of-the-art large experimental facilities and with supercomputers, and to get in contact with the researchers from all over the world in seminars and colloquia.

Each of the ISSP faculties belongs to one or more of the following graduate courses of the University of Tokyo; Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry in Graduate School of Science; Department of Applied Physics in Graduate School of Engineering; or Department of Advanced Materials Science, Department of Complexity Science and Engineering in Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. To become a graduate student in ISSP, it is required to enroll in the graduate course which the thesis advisor belongs to.