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According to the discussion made at the Inaugural Asia-Oceania Neutron Facility Directors Meeting,
we would like to have workshops for instrument scientist in Tsukuba as a satellite meeting of AOCNS.
7 workshops will be held, which cover (1) powder diffraction, (2) single crystal diffraction,
(3) small angle scattering and reflectivity, (4) triple axis, (5) TOF, (6) residual stress,
and (7) radiography.
Each member country (or area, facility) should nominate instrument scientists and report
his/her name and e-mail address to the organizing committee.

The workshops will be held in the afternoon (13:00-15:00 or -16:00) of Sun., Nov. 20,
just before Welcome reception (17:00-), at small meeting rooms of Tsukuba Epochal,
the conference venue. Those who attend AONSA Neutron School, Sydney, should also be able to
attend if they fly on Saturday morning or earlier.

------- Tentative plan -------

Instrument Scientist Meeting
date and time: Sun. Nov. 20 13:00 - 16:00
place: meeting rooms at Epochal (406A, 406B, 405A, 405B, 407, 403, 404, and Science Leo)
1. Self-introduction
2. brief report of the current status and future plan of the instrument
(per facility or per instrument)
3. possible activities among instrument scientists
For ex., conducting experiments with common (standard) samples to compare the performance
and calibrate the instruments, visiting other facilities to exchange ideas and knowhow, etc.
4. proposal to AONSA and/or facilities

(Agenda can be freely modified depending on the situation of instruments.)
------- Tentative plan End-------


(1) powder diffraction: T. Kamiyama, K. Ohoyama
(2) single crystal diffraction: Y. Noda, Ohara
(3) small angle scattering and reflectivity: M. Shibayama, J. Suzuki
(4) triple axis: T.J. Sato, K. Iwasa
(5) TOF: K. Nakajima, S. Ito
(6) residual stress: H. Suzuki
(7) radiography: Y. Kawabata

The chief-coodinator will prepare an agenda and distribute it to the corresponding instrument scientists.

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