Japan-Switzerland Joint Workshop: New Trends in Theory of Correlated Materials, September 8-10, 2010, Chiba, Japan


Scope and Background

This Japan-Switzerland Joint Workshop is a sequel to the previous one, "New Developments in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems" held at ETH in Zürich, Sep. 18-21, 2009.

The scope of the conference focuses on emerging new topics in strongly correlated many-body systems including

  • exotic quantum phases
  • novel superconductors
  • quantum phase transitions
  • topological phases
  • non-equilibrium properties
  • entangled quantum dynamics
  • new computational approaches
  • ...


This workshop is supported by "Emergence of Heavy Electrons and Their Ordering", Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.


  • Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (ISSP, Kashiwa)
  • Kazuo Ueda (ISSP, Kashiwa)
  • Hiroaki Kusunose (Ehime Univ.)
  • Synge Todo (Univ. of Tokyo)
  • Manfred Sigrist (ETH, Zürich)


As a conference site we chose a nice resort facility, "Seimei-no-mori Resort", built in a site of total area 3,300,000 square meters to spread through Chiba, Boso. They offer the largest scale of composition accommodations in Chiba, including lodging, a restaurant, various sporting facilities, swimming pools and conference rooms.

Seimei-no-mori Resort

521-4, Ueno, Nagara-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba 297-0201, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)475-35-3333, +81-(0)475-35-5942 (Hotel Reception)
Fax: +81-(0)475-35-2313
Website: http://www.seimei-no-mori.com/ (only in Japanese)

Site Map of Seimei-no-mori Resort

Reception: Hotel Trinity Shosai
The workshop will be held in "Mori no hall kenshu center".

Please click the image to see a larger site map.

Access to Seimei-no-mori Resort

The nearest station is Honda (誉田) on JR Sotobo line (外房線).

From Narita Airport

Take the JR line (any local or rapid trains. Do NOT take the Narita Express). Change to Sotobo line (外房線) at Chiba. Three stops to Honda. About 70 min.

For those who arrive at Narita airport on the afternoon of Sep. 7th, the following trains have good connections to the shuttle bus.

Narita Airport Station (Terminal 1) 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00
Narita Terminal 2 Station (Terminal 2) 14:02 15:02 16:02 17:02
  | JR Narita Line [rapid for Tokyo] | [rapid for Zushi] | [rapid for Kurihama] | [rapid for Kurihama]
Chiba 14:47 15:46 16:42 17:42
15:08 15:58 16:50 17:53
  | JR Sotobo Line [for Awa-Kamogawa] | [for Awa-Kamogawa] | [for Kazusa-Ichinomiya] | [for Honda]
Honda 15:23 16:14 17:04 18:08
15:35 16:40 17:10 18:10
  | Shuttle bus | | |
Hotel Trinity Syosai 15:50 16:55 17:25 18:25

From Kashiwa (ISSP)

Take the TOBU noda line (野田線) for Funabashi. Change to JR Sobu rapid line (総武線快速) for Chiba. Change to Sotobo line (外房線). About 80 min.

From Tokyo main station

Take the JR Sobu rapid line (総武線快速) for Chiba. Change to Sotobo line (外房線). About 70 min.

Free shuttle bus

From Honda station (South Exit), free shuttle buses to Seimei-no-mori Resort are available.

Taxi from Honda station to Seimei-no-mori Resort

It will take about 25min. and cost about 3,800 JPY. Please use the following card to tell the driver where you are going.

To Narita Airport

For those who are leaving Japan on Sep. 11th from Narita airport (e.g. LX161 dept. 10:25, LH9337 dept. 11:35, and LH715 dept. 12:20), the following connections will be convenient.

Hotel Trinity Syosai 7:00 8:50
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Honda 7:20 9:10
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Chiba 7:50 9:49
7:55 10:00
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Narita Terminal 2 Station (Terminal 2) 8:46 10:41
Narita Airport Station (Terminal 1) 8:48 10:43


Program change [2010-08-30]: The talks by Vladimir Gritsev and Dimitry Ivanov are exchanged with each other. New schedule: D. Ivanov (T3 10:00-10:30 on Sep 9 (Thu), V. Gritsev (F4 10:50-11:20 on Sep 10 (Fri)).

Sep 8 (Wed) 10:00 10:10 opening Topological quantum states
10:10 10:40 talk W1 Furusaki Akira RIKEN Magnetic impurity coupled to Majorana edge states
10:40 11:10 talk W2 Christopher Mudry PSI Deconfined fractional electric charges in graphene at high magnetic fields
11:10 11:40 talk W3 Shibata Naokazu Tohoku Univ. Fractional quantum Hall states in graphene
  lunch Numerical studies of complex systems
13:00 13:30 talk W4 Todo Synge Univ. Tokyo Geometrical approach in classical and quantum Monte Carlo methods
13:30 14:00 talk W5 Matthias Troyer ETHZ Phase diagram of the disordered Bose-Hubbard model
14:00 14:30 talk W6 Harada Kenji Kyoto Univ. Entanglement renormalization of quantum frustrated mangets
  coffee Frustrated magnets (I)
14:50 15:20 talk W7 Frederic Mila EPFL The spin-liquid phase of the half-filled Hubbard model on the triangular lattice
15:20 15:40 talk W8 Tsunetsugu Hirokazu ISSP Spin Nematic State of Frustrated Magnets
15:50 16:20 talk W9 Salvatore Manmana EPFL Wigner crystallization of triplon bound states in a Shastry-Sutherland spin tube
  coffee Frustrated magnets (II) and multiferroic
16:40 17:10 talk W10 Miyahara Shin Univ. Tokyo Magnetoelectric Effects in Ba2CoGe2O7
17:10 17:40 talk W11 Andreas Lauchli MPI Dresden Three-sublattice ordering of the SU(3) square lattice antiferromagnet
17:40 18:10 talk W12 Suzuki Takafumi ISSP Modification of directed-loop algorithm for frustrated spin systems
Nonequilibrium and dynamics (I)
Sep 9 (Thu) 9:00 9:30 talk T1 Ueda Kazuo ISSP Nonequilibrium Transport in the One-Dimensional Hubbard Model
9:30 10:00 talk T2 Dima Geshkenbein ETHZ Muenchhausen effect: tunneling in an asymmetric SQUID
10:00 10:30 talk T3 Dimitry Ivanov EPFL Vison excitations in near-critical quantum dimer models
  coffee Strong correlations and dynamics
10:50 11:20 talk T4 Philipp Werner ETHZ Dynamical screening in correlated electron materials
11:20 11:50 talk T5 Hattori Kazumasa ISSP Second magnons in noncollinearly ordered antiferromagnets
11:50 12:20 group photo      
12:20 excursion  
19:00 21:00 banquet  
  Nonequilibrim and dynamics (II)
Sep 10 (Fri) 9:00 9:30 talk F1 Manfred Sigrist ETHZ Correlation effects in heterostructures: optical conductivity and thermoelectricity
9:30 10:00 talk F2 Fujii Tatsuya ISSP Nonequilibrium Kubo formula and shot noise in mesoscopic systems
10:00 10:30 talk F3 Martin Eckstein ETHZ Dielectric breakdown of a Mott insulator in nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory
  coffee Novel condensed matter states
10:50 11:20 talk F4 Vladimir Gritsev Univ. Fribourg Universalities in nonequilibrium dynamics of many-body systems
11:20 11:50 talk F5 Kusunose Hiroaki Ehime Univ. Odd-Frequency Superconductivity in Local Electron-Phonon Systems
11:50 12:20 talk F6 Pierre Bouillot Univ. Geneva Dynamical correlation functions in spin-1/2 ladders under a magnetic field
  lunch DMFT approach of complex systems
13:40 14:10 talk F7 Fakher Assaad Univ. Wuerzburg Orbital selective Mott transition and heavy fermion behavior in the bilayer Hubbard model on a triangular lattice: a cluster dynamical mean-field calculation
14:10 14:40 talk F8 Otsuki Junya Tohoku Univ. Continuous-Time Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Heavy-Fermion System with f2 Configuration
14:40 15:10 talk F9 Udagawa Masafumi Univ. Tokyo Geometrical frustration in itinerant electron systems
  coffee Superconductivity and polariton QPT
15:30 16:00 talk F10 Koga Akihisa TIT Superfluid state in the periodic Anderson model with attractive interactions
16:00 16:30 talk F11 Sebastian Schmidt ETHZ Quantum phase transitions of polaritons in coupled-cavity/circuit QED systems
16:30 17:00 talk F12 Yanase Yoichi Niigata Univ. Superconductivity with broken global and local inversion symmetry: CePt3Si and Sr2RuO4
17:00 17:10 closing      

Abstract Booklet

List of Participants

  • Fakher Assaad (Univ. Würzburg)
  • Pierre Bouillot (Univ. Geneva)
  • Martin Eckstein (ETHZ)
  • Tatsuya Fujii (ISSP)
  • Akira Furusaki (RIKEN)
  • Dima Geshkenbein (ETHZ)
  • Vladimir Gritsev (Univ. Fribourg)
  • Kenji Harada (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Kazumasa Hattori (ISSP)
  • Dimitry Ivanov (EPFL)
  • Akihisa Koga (TIT)
  • Hiroaki Kusunose (Ehime Univ.)
  • Andreas Läuchli (MPI Dresden)
  • Salvatore Manmana (EPFL)
  • Frederic Mila (EPFL)
  • Shin Miyahara (Univ. Tokyo)
  • Christopher Mudry (PSI)
  • Junya Otsuki (Tohoku Univ.)
  • Sebastian Schmidt (ETHZ)
  • Naokazu Shibata (Tohoku Univ.)
  • Manfred Sigrist (ETHZ)
  • Takafumi Suzuki (ISSP)
  • Synge Todo (Univ. Tokyo)
  • Matthias Troyer (ETHZ)
  • Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (ISSP)
  • Masafumi Udagawa (Univ. Tokyo)
  • Kazuo Ueda (ISSP)
  • Philipp Werner (ETHZ)
  • Yoichi Yanase (Niigata Univ.)