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Tokuro Hata (Osaka University) received the Best-Poster Award of NPSMP2015.

15.30 - 17.30, Symposium 2nd day [ Jun 11 ]

Abstract for the poster presentations

PS01Toru Kikuchi (RIKEN)
"Magnetization dynamics with inertia in metallic ferromagnets"
PS02Masahiro Sato (Aoyama Gakuin University)
"Coherent control of magnetizations and spin currents in quantum magnets with laser"
PS03Kaoru Yamamoto (The University of Tokyo)
"Thermodynamics of mesoscopic steady-state heat engine beyond linear-response regime"
PS04Masahiko Taguchi (University of Tsukuba)
"Mode engineering with a one-dimensional superconducting metamaterial"
PS06Junyeon Kim (RIKEN)
"Giant spin Hall magnetoresistance in metallic bilayers"
PS07Shingo Kobayashi (Nagoya University)
"Topological superconductivity in Dirac semimetals"
PS08Nobuyuki Okuma (The University of Tokyo)
"Spin Hall effect of Dirac fermions with vanishing spin current operator "
PS09Xiao-Xiao Zhang (The University of Tokyo)
"Electrical transport in three-dimensional cubic Skyrmion crystal "
PS10Shu Tanaka (Waseda University)
"Topological Phase Transition and Sweep Dynamics of a generalized cluster model in one dimension"
PS11Takahiro Chiba (Tohoku University)
"Magnetization damping in antiferromagnetically coupled spin valves"
PS12Takumi Ohta (Kyoto University)
"Majorana fermions with spatially periodic modulation"
PS13Naoto Norizuki (Nagoya University)
"Effect of Rashba spin-orbit coupling in diamagnetic current induced by nonuniform magnetic field"
PS14Osamu Sato (Kyushu University)
"Cyanide-Bridged Fe42 high-spin nanocage with S = 90/2"
PS15Wataru Izumida (Tohoku University)
"Valley coupling, spin-orbit interaction and vernier-scale-like spectrum in finite-length metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes"
PS16Hideo Kawaguchi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
"Novel coupling between spin and electromagnetic field in a ferromagnetic metal with Rashba spin-orbit interaction"
PS17Shohei Hatanaka (Osaka University)
"Detection of ferromagnetic resonance in CoFeB by tunnel anisotropic magnetoresistance"
PS18 Tokuro Hata (Osaka University)
Shot-noise of a superconductor/nanotube junction in the Kondo regime
PS19Haruki Kiyama (Osaka University)
"Single-shot readout of electron spins in a quantum dot using spin filtering by quantum Hall edge states"
PS20Bo Gu (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
"Enhanced spin Hall effect in CuBi alloys"
PS21Ippei Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Artificial control of magnetic phase transition of B2 ordered FeRh-based thin films"
PS22Ryohei Wakatsuki (The University of Tokyo)
"Domain wall of a ferromagnet on a three-dimensional topological insulator"
PS23Takafumi Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)
"Photon-assisted current noise through a quantum dot system with an oscillating gate voltage"
PS24Keita Hamamoto (The University of Tokyo)
"Quantized anomalous Hall effects in skyrmion crystal"
PS25Zhuo Xu (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
"The Cu alloys doped with 5d elements as materials for the control of the sign of spin Hall effect"
PS26Alto Osada (The University of Tokyo)
"Cavity optomagnonics in a ferromagnetic sphere"
PS27Kazuki Nakazawa (Nagoya University)
"Anomalous Hall effect and persistent current due to spin chirality in a diffusive regime"
PS28Kohei Ohnishi (Kyushu University)
"Spin current transport in a Nb/Cu/NiFe tri-layer structure"
PS29Masao Ono (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
"Barnett effect in a paramagnetic state"
PS30Koji Kobayashi (Sophia University)
"Universal conductance distributions in disordered topological insulator nanofilms"
PS31Weinan Zhou (Tohoku University)
"Electromotive force in a L10-FePt / Ni81Fe19 bilayer element"
PS32Yukinori Yoshimura (Hiroshima University)
"Emergent quantum spin hall system in topological insulator nanofilms"
PS33Kazuyuki Kuroyama (The University of Tokyo)
"Quantum entanglement conservation in coherent quantum state transfer from a single photon polarization to an electron spin in a lateral double quantum dot"
PS34Jin-Hong Park (RIKEN)
"Quantum dot thermometry at millikelvin temperature"
PS35Peter Stano (RIKEN)
"How to detect helical order of a one dimensional magnet"
PS36Makoto Kawano (Osaka University)
"Electrical spin injection and detection across epitaxial Ge/Fe3Si heterointerfaces"
PS37Yoshiaki Hashimoto (The University of Tokyo)
"Spin injection from epitaxially grown Fe to Two-dimensional electrons in InAs quantum well"
PS38Kento Yamasaki (Osaka University)
"Spin-dependent Peltier effect in Co2FeSi/Cu lateral spin-valve devices"
PS39Fumiyuki Ishii (Kanazawa University)
"First-Principles Study of Spin-Orbit Coupling Parameters and Bult-in Electric Field in LaAlO3/SrTiO3"
PS40Tatsuki Hashimoto (Nagoya University)
"Surface electronic state of topological crystalline insulator in superconducting state"
PS41Toshiyuki Fukumoto (Nagoya University)
"Theory of tunnel conductance in helical metal/superconductor junction"
PS42Yu Iwasaki (The University of Tokyo)
"Conductance fluctuation versus in-plane magnetic field in an InAs quantum corral"
PS43Masaaki Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)
"Detection of topological states in two-dimensional Dirac systems by dynamic spin susceptibility"
PS44Terufumi Yamaguchi (Nagoya University)
"Linear response theory of spin torques due to spin waves"
PS45Taketomo Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)
"Enhancement of spin-orbit interaction in graphene due to hydrogenation"
PS46Kazuya Harii (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
"Rotation angle dependence of NMR line structures in various nuclides"
PS47Junji Fujimoto (Kyoto University)
"Effects of Dirac points on Rashba spin-orbit torques"
PS48Moh A U Absor (Kanazawa University)
"Persistent spin helix on the ZnO (10-10) surface: Fully relativistic study
PS49Henri Saarikoski (RIKEN)
"Topological transitions in spin interferometers"
PS50Morteza Salehi (Sharif University of Technology)
"Quantum transport through 3D Dirac materials"
PS51Razieh Beiranvand (Ayatollah Boroujerdi University)
"Half-metallic ferromagnetism in Mn-doped zigzag AlN nanoribon from first-principles"
PS52Yoshimichi Teratani (Osaka City University)
"Kondo effect in a carbon nanotube quantum dot with a finite orbital splitting and a magnetic field"
PS53Gen Tatara (RIKEN)
"Phasons and excitations in skyrmion lattice"
PS54Toshu An (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
"Application of NV-center spin probe to spintronics"

ISSP International Workshop/Symposium on New Perspectives in Spintronic and Mesoscopic Physics cosponsored by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Nano Spin Conversion Science.”