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May 16th: Program page is updated

April 30th: registration for oral presentations is closed (registration for poster presentations is still open)

//October 10th: web page opened
March 18th: web page opened

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&font(15,i,b,red){June 3rd - June 21st 2013};

&font(15,i,red){Symposium 12th(Wed) - 14th(Fri)};

&font(12,i,red){Poster Session / Banquet 13th(Thu)};

Many talks and a poster session will be scheduled during 
the symposium. In the other periods, number of talks is limited to
facilitate informal discussions.

//***first week: 3rd(Mon) - 7th(Fri)
//***second week: 10th(Mon) - 14th(Fri)
//***third week: 17th(Mon) - 21st(Fri)
//***symposium: 12th(Wed) - 14th(Fri)

Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo

Kashiwa 5-1-5, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8581, Japan

phone: +81-4-7136-3280 or +81-4-7136-3275, fax: +81-4-7136-3264

*About Kashiwa and Campus
Kashiwa is a major city on the south bank of Tone River in the north-western part of Chiba prefecture. The city of population 400,000 is also close to the central part of Tokyo; JR Kashiwa station is connected to the Tokyo station by about 40 minutes. The downtown Kashiwa is a very active commercial area located around the JR station in good contrast with our Kashiwa campus. The campus enjoys a more serene atmosphere with a large public park located adjacent to it. The Tsukuba express (TX) railway connects the campus area directly to Akihabara in 30 minutes, the famous center of electric merchandises in the downtown Tokyo, as well as to Tsukuba Science City. The nearby TX station is “Kashiwanoha Campus”, in front of which a large shopping mall is located.

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