This is the seventh of the annual ISSP International Workshop/Symposium providing a forum for the discussion of selected topics in condensed matter physics and materials science. The whole meeting consists of three-week Workshop to bring together about fifteen key researchers and three-day Symposium with an attendance of about a hundred, both held at ISSP, Kashiwa campus of the University of Tokyo. At the Workshop, two pedagogical lectures are given daily on week days, while at the Symposium, the latest research results, both theoretical and experimental, are presented.

In condensed matter theory, a variety of collective phenomena emerging in real materials are explained in terms of appropriate effective models in the first stage of investigations and then in the second stage from the ab initio Hamiltonian. Given the rapid progress in the both stages and a rich variety of novel quantum phenomena found in recent years, bridging between the two stages is important more than ever. This would be the case not only in the application to real materials, but also in methodological and conceptual developments.

In order to facilitate such an exchange, we offer a place of intimate interactions among leading theorists in diverse fields such as mathematical physics, many-body theory, field theory, and density functional theory, for finding new problems or solutions, and for initiating new collaborations. Anticipated topics to be discussed include:

(1) Classification of topological phases in interacting systems

(2) Elementary excitations in emergent quantum phases, including strongly-correlated, strong electron-phonon coupled, and topological phases: validity of the quasiparticle and/or polaron picture

(3) Methods of the Green’s function approach and of the density functional theory in first-principles calculation, for quantitative as well as qualitatively correct description of emergent quantum phases

(4) Quantum entanglement as a tool to characterize quantum phases, and possible applications to first-principles calculation

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