Although the previously-arranged period for registration for a presentation has passed, we may accept poster presentations until May 20th.

Those who apply for a presentation at the Symposium (June 12th - June 14th) need to submit your abstract file in this process. Please download the WORD file and prepare PDF file before starting this registration process. Please note that only PDF file is acceptable. The deadline is May 20th. If you have a special request (such as giving a presentation outside the Symposium period), send an e-mail to the organizers at or write in the "special request" form.

For attendance only: Please start your registration following the instruction given below. The deadline is May 20th.

Registration Fee:

The registration fee is FREE.


The banquet will be held on June 13th at the cafeteria in the Kashiwa Campus. The banquet fee is 3,000 yen (students: 2,000 yen). Please apply for the banquet in the registration form below.

Precaution for abstract submission:

Once you have registered, you CANNOT change your registration information in our system. Therefore, you are supposed to submit an abstract when you login to the registration system for the first time. We are very sorry for inconvenience. If you would like to submit your abstract after registration, please send it to us

Registration process

We employ a two-step registration process to avoid an inadvertent registration.

[STEP1] Pre-registration

First of all, please access HERE and input your last name, first name, and e-mail address, then you will be also required to answer a security question, which asks you to sum two numbers. EQPCM2013 secretary office will send an e-mail to you within 24 hours. Please carefully check the e-mail from "".

[STEP2] Registration and abstract submission

Once you received the e-mail from EQPCM2013 secretary office, please access our registration web system, of which the URL is written in the e-mail. Please fill in all the required fields and submit your abstract file converted into PDF format if you give a presentation. Finally please push the "register" button after answering all the questions. You will receive an e-mail from our registration system within 24 hours if your registration is complete.

If you have any questions or troubles on this process, please contact us at

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