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We investigate the electronic structures, ordered states, and dynamics of strongly correlated materials, such as transition-metal compounds, by using x-rays from synchrotron radiation (e.g. SPring-8). Our main experimental technique is resonant soft x-ray diffraction, that is, x-ray diffraction performed by tuning the x-ray energy at the absorption edge of the constituent element. One can determine detailed magnetic structures of extremely small samples including thin films and nanostructures. By this technique we study ordered states in materials which show anomalous behaviors such as superconductivity and giant magnetoresistance. We will further extend this technique to time-resolved measurements by using time structures of synchrotron x-rays and x-ray free electron laser (e.g. SACLA), and directly measure the dynamical processes. These studies will reveal the mechanisms of anomalous behaviors and contribute to search for novel properties and phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems.

Resonant soft x-ray diffraction instruments installed at BL07LSU, SPring-8.
Time-resolved measurements of ferromagnetic thin films. This shows the demagnetization and recovery processes under laser illumination.

Research Subjects

  1. Resonant soft x-ray diffraction study of ordered states in strongly correlated electron systems
  2. Development of time-resolved resonant soft x-ray diffraction systems
  3. Development of novel spectroscopic techniques by using soft x-rays