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Electronic and magnetic properties of low-dimensional and atomic-layer materials with nanometer-scale structures at solid surfaces are studied using scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS), photoelectron spectroscopy and magneto-optical Kerr-rotation/second harmonic generation measurements in an ultra-high vacuum. Local atomic, electronic and magnetic structures, formation processes of surface atomic-layer materials and dynamical processes induced by electron tunneling or photo-excited carriers are examined by STM/STS, while spin-resolved electronic structures, electron dynamics, chemical bonds, and magnetic properties by electron and optical spectroscopy using VUV light and soft-X-ray from laser and synchrotron.

(a-d) Topographic STM images of the Fe2N monolayer on Cu(001) at four values of the tunneling current I between 45 and 0.1 nA. (e) Line profiles along lines in (a-d). From the top to the bottom, I changes from 45 to 0.1 nA. Empty circles indicate peak positions. (f) Distant-dependent dI/dV spectra measured at the tip-surface distance, d = 4.2, 3.4, and 2.9 A from the bottom to the top. Iron 3d states are dominant when d is small.
(a) STM images of a clean surface of Bi1-xSbx, revealing the hexagonal lattice of surface atoms. (b-e) Fourie transformation (FT) of dI/dV maps a E - EF = -140 (b), -40 (c), +160 (d), and +260 (e) meV on the clean surface of Bi1-xSbx. The scattering vectors corresponding to the observed FT peaks are labeled by q1-q11. (f) Profiles of the FT images in the Γ-M and the Γ-K directions. (g) Band structure of the clean surface of Bi1-xSbx reconstructed from data in (f).

Research Subjects

  1. Electronic states, conduction and magnetism of atomic layers and nano-structured materials at surfaces
  2. Electron and atom dynamics induced by electron tunneling and photo-excitation
  3. Formation processes of atomic layers and nano-structured materials at surfaces