ISSP - The institute for Solid State Physics

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Nobel Laureate in Physics will come to ISSP Open Lecture!!

There will be an annual open seminar held by ISSP and Kashiwa city.
We are going to have two speakers, Professor Katsumoto at ISSP and a Nobel Prize Semiconductor Physicist, Professor Klaus von Klitzing at Max Plank Institute.

Date: August 21, 2013
Time: Opening 14:00
1st talk 14:10-
2nd talk 15:45-
Place: Lecturer Hall A632 6F, ISSP

Prof. Shingo Katsumono, ISSP (in Japanese)
Title : “Galileo in quantum world”

a Nobel Prize Semiconductor Physicist,
Prof. Klaus von Klitzing, Max Plank Institute (in English)
Title: “How long is one meter? (from Semiconductor Quantum Physics)”


(Published on: Wednesday August 21st, 2013)