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Materials Design and Characterization Laboratory
  The aim of MDCL is to promote materials science with the emphasis on the "DSC cycle" where DSC represents three functions in developing new materials, Design, Synthesis and Characterization. The MDCL consists of two divisions; Materials Design Division (MD-D) and Materials Synthesis and Characterization Division (MSC-D). The Supercomputer Center of ISSP (SCC-ISSP) belongs to MD-D, while in MSC-D there are six sections for joint-use; Materials Synthesis Section, Chemical Analysis Section, X-ray Diffraction Section, Electron Microscope Section, Electromagnetic Measurements Section, and Spectroscopy Section. In MD-D, by making use of its supercomputer system, novel mechanisms behind various cooperative phenomena in condensed matter are explored, and theoretical designs of new materials as well as those of materials with new nanoscale structure are developed. In MSC-D, various new materials are synthesized, single crystals are grown and the structural, electromagnetic and optic properties of the materials are characterized. The characterization results are immediately fed back to the synthesis and to the design of materials. Through this DSC cycle we aim to develop new materials with new functions. Almost all the facilities of the MDCL are open to domestic scientists through the User Programs conducted by the Steering Committees of the MDCL.

Materials Design Division
Kawashima Lab.
Sugino Lab.
Noguchi Lab.
Supercomputer Center
Materials Synthesis and Characterization Division
Y.Ueda Lab.
Hiroi Lab.
Meterials Synthesis Section
Chemical Analysis Section
X-ray Diffraction Section
Electron Microscope Section
Electronmagnetic Measurement Section
Spectroscopy Section
Last Update 2009/12/14
Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Kashiwanoha 5-1-5, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8581, Japan.