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Division of Physics in Extreme Conditions
  This division is organized to pursue the study of physical properties of condensed matters under extreme conditions such as ultra-low temperatures, ultra-high pressures combined with steady high magnetic fields up to 20 T. In addition to these individual extreme conditions, physics under multiple extreme conditions is also emphasized. Under these conditions, novel phenomena, which cannot be understood in terms of existing theories and thus stimulate the creation of new concepts, are expected. Discoveries of such phenomena have often opened up new horizons in material science. Many outstanding instruments developed in this division, for example, are those which produce low temperatures down to a few tens of µK, high pressures up to 10 GPa and high speed rotation of cryostats at over 6 rad/sec. These machines are frequently used in collaboration with many scientists from all over Japan and abroad. Some of the main subjects are as follows,
  1. Low dimensional quantum solid and liquid under ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic fields.
  2. Liquid He in confined geometries under rotation, a possible supersolid 4He.
  3. Low dimensional or mesoscopic systems such as organic or semi conductors under ultra high magnetic fields.
  4. Strongly correlated heavy electron systems such as magnetic compounds or superconductors uder multiple extreme conditions.
  Yagi Lab. (concurrent with New Materials Science)
Sakakibara Lab. (concurrent with New Materials Science)
Kubota Lab.
Osada Lab.
Uwatoko Lab.
Last Update 2009/10/16
Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Kashiwanoha 5-1-5, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8581, Japan.