List of Visiting Professors  2017-

Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
Prof. CHENG, Jinguang Apr.2019-Aug.2019 (planned) Development of the multianvil module for high-pressure measurements above 20 GPa and exploration of unconventional superconductivity near the pressure-induced quantum critical point Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) Prof. UWATOKO, Yoshiya
Associate Research Prof. DRICHKO, Natalia Sep.2018-Feb.2019(planned) Investigation of magnetic properties of organic Mott insulators κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Hg(SCN)2X (X=Cl, Br) Johns Hopkins University (USA) Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru
Prof. MORI, Hatsumi
Associate Prof. TAKAHASHI, Susumu Sep.2018-Dec.2018 (planned) Investigation of surface spin properties using STM-based ESR spectroscopy University of Southern California (USA) Prof. HASEGAWA, Yukio
Dr. HICKS, Clifford W. May 2018-Aug. 2018 Study of quantum transport of correlated electron systems under uniaxial pressure Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Germany) Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru
Associate Prof. RAN, Ying Jan. 2018-Apr. 2018 Novel correlation-driven physics and photoinduced phenomena in quantum materials Boston College (USA) Prof. OSHIKAWA, Masaki
Dr. SALZMANN, Ingo Sep. 2017-Dec. 2017 Corelation of structure and electronic properties of organic semiconductor and charge transfer film and thin crystal Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, Institute for Physik, Supramolecular Systems (Germany) Prof. MORI, Hatsumi
Assistant Prof. NOVAK, Mario Sep. 2017-Apr. 2018 Weyl semimetals and Murunskite Crystals as new routes in material investigation University of Zagreb (Croatia) Prof. HIROI, Zenji