List of Visiting Professors 2012-2016

Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
Prof. OTSUKI, Akira Jun.2017-Aug.2017 Advancing characterization of concentrated fine particle suspensions to enhance their sustainable processing capability Universite de Lorraine (France) Prof. SHIBAYAMA, Mitsuhiro
Associate Prof. D'ANGELO, Marie Apr.2017-Aug.2017 Functional Metal Oxides Interfaces for Photocatalysis Application Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (France) Prof. MATSUDA, Iwao
Prof. DAMLE, Kedar Apr.2017-June 2017 Theory of quantum phase transitions in magnetic systems Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (India) Prof. OSHIKAWA, Masaki
Prof. ZOTOS, Xenophon Mar.2017-May 2017 Unconventional spin and thermal transport in low dimensional strongly correlated system University of Crete (Greece) Prof. TSUNETSUGU, Hirokazu
Prof. KIM, Yongmin Jan.2017-Apr.2017 Carrier dynamics in van der Waals heterostructures under pulsed magnetic fields Dankook University (Korea) Prof. KINDO, Koichi
Prof. ARUMUGAM, Sonachalam Aug.2016-Nov. 2016 Investigation of BiS2 based Superconductors and spin ladders under high pressure, low temperature and high magnetic field Bharathidasan University (India) Prof. UWATOKO, YoshiyaZ
Prof. TAKANO, Yasumasa April.2016-Jul.2016 Magnetization and specific heat of novel quantum magnets University of Florida (USA) Prof. SAKAKIBARA,ToshiroZ
Prof. CHIANG, Tai Chang April 2016-June 2016 Nano-scale spintronics at a surface studied by high-resolution spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) Prof. MATSUDA, Iwao
AP. NUGROHO, Agustinus Agung Mar.2016-Feb.2017 Quantum transport properties in transition metal compounds Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia) Prof. NAKATSUJI,SatoruZ
Dr. ROTTER, Martin Nov. 2015-Jan.2016 Spin dynamics in low dimensional cobaltate and nickelate Mac Planck Institute for Chamical Physics of Solids (Germany) Prof. YOSHIZAWA, Hideki
Prof. SHTENGEL, Kirill Sep. 2015-Jan.2016 Topological Phases in Frustrated Lattice Models University of California, Riverside (USA) Prof. OSHIKAWA,Masaki
AP.NEVIDOMSKYY, Andriy Mar.2015-Aug.2015 Emergent electronic phases in strongly correlated electron systems. Rice University(USA) Prof.NAKATSUJI, Satoru
AP. RONNOW, Henrik Moodysson Dec. 2014-Mar.2015 Neutron scattering study on low dimensional magnets. EPFL(Switzerland) Prof. MASUDA,Takatsugu
Dr. BEHNIA, Kamran Jan. 2015-Apr. 2015 Thermoelectricity of the chiral spin liquid Pr2Ir2O7. CNRS(France) Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru
AP. CHANG, Lieh-Jeng Jun.2015-Sep.2015 Neutron scattering study on pyrochlore magnet Yb2Ti2O7. National ChengKung University(Taiwan) Prof. MASUDA,Takatsugu
Dr. JONCKHEERE, Thibaut Jun.2014-Aug.2014 Electronic quantum optics with single electron in semiconductor nanostructure. Centre de Physique Theorique(France) Prof.KATOH, Takeo
AP.SANTANDER-SYRO, Andres Felipe Mar.2014-Aug.2014 Exotic electronic states and quantum phase transitions in heavy-electron materials. Universite Paris-Sud(France) Prof.SHIN, Shigi
Dr. NILSEN, Goeran Jan Aug.2013-Dec.2013 Hydrothermal synthesis of 4d and 5d transition metal alums. Institute Laue Langevin (France) Prof.HIROI, Zenji
Prof. PENC, Karlo Apr.2013-July 2013 Exotic phases and excitations in d- and f-electron systems and ultracold Fermi gases Hungary Academy of Sciences(Hungary) Prof. OSHIKAWA, Masaki
Professor KANG, Woun Jan.2013-Aug 2013 Novel quantum magnetotransport phenomena relating to new electronic states in low-dimensional organic conductors Ewha Womens University(Korea) Prof. OSADA, Toshihito
Professor CHEN, Yan Dec.2012-Mar. 2013 Exploring quantum phase transitions in quantum spin systems Fudan University(China) Prof. KAWASHIMA, Naoki
Professor SCHINDLMAYR, Arno Oct.2012-March 2013 The GW approximation and beyond for first-principles electronic-structure calculations University of Paderborn(Germany) Prof. TAKADA, Yasutami