Visa Consulting Service

If you have any questions regarding Japanese Visa or Certificate of Eligibility(在留資格認定証), Please visit Visa Consulting Service.

Kashiwa campus provides you a visa consulting service (NAKAI IMMIGRATION SERVICES LPC)to support international researchers and students.

Visa Consulting Service
 ・Environmental Studies Bldg, B1st floor, Room 027.
 ・Open every other Tuesday 10:30−12:30 Click Here For More Info.
     >>Please check schedule from here.

You can also ask them by e-mail.

General Information about Japanese VISA

Who needs visa?

・If you will be employed by ISSP (also JSPS/JST grant researcher)...

・If your nationality is one of the visa exemption countries, and the length of your stay exceed "Short-term stay" term...

・If your nationality is one of the Non-Visa exemption countries(China, Russia, India etc.)...
  →Please check Guide to Japanese Visas(MOFA) need a visa to enter Japan.

Visa & Certificate

Visa is a document showing that a person is authorized to enter or leave the territory for which it was issued. Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) is in charge, and issued by a embassy where aplicant live. Only principal can apply.


If you stay in Japan longer than "short-term"(term is decided by your nationality) or with income/salary, Certificate of Eligibility is required.


Certificate of Eligibility is a certificate for your resident status in Japan. It is a matter of Ministry of Justice (MOJ), and issued by Immigration Bureau. Proxy application is possible. If you stay here "Short Term Stay", no need to have this certificate.


 ・Researcher with payment in Japan → Professor(include JSPS/JST granted person)-教授

 ・Researcher without payment in Japan → Cultural Activity-文化活動

 ・Family(Dependent & Children)  →  Family Stay-家族滞在

If you would like to check your status, please refer to the category and flow of procedure.

Short Term Stay

If your nationality is one of Non-Visa exemption countries(China, Russia, India etc.), please contact your host professor or the conference secretaliat to prepare documents for visa.

You can check Visa exemption countries: About Visa(MOFA) from here.

【 You should have these documents from host professor … 】

◆Visiting Lab...

 Invitetion Letter / Reason of invitation / Schedule / Certificate of sponsorship
  Host professors' employment certificate

◆Attending International Symposium...

 Invitetion Letter / Reason of invitation(a seal of ISSP Director is required)/ Schedule
  Certificate of sponsorship / Host professors' employment certificate

All documents above should be prepared by your host professor.


Re-entry permit

Before July 2012, you needed to have Re-entry permit for leaving Japan during your visa term, but now, those who have a valid passport and resident card, if your term of absence is within 1year, then it's not required to apply for a Re-entry permit. Show your Resident card at immigration and check the box of re-entry section on ED-card should be work for re-entry.

For more information, please visit New Residency Management System(Immigration Bureau).


>>・Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

>>・Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

>>・Immigration Bureau