Necessary Procedures after entering Japan

Please check New Residency Management System (Immigration Bureau of Japan).

With this new system, Alien Registration system was stopped.

At Immigration in airports

Mid- to long-term residents will be issued a resident card.

Please keep this card as your ID. It is certified your status of stay.

At City office

After your home address was deciede, please go municipal office to register your address and make residence certificate. Don't forget to bring your Passport and resident card.

Office is depend on where you live.

Kashiwa city hall

Nagareyama city hall

Living in Japan

Bank Account

Any payments (salary, reimbursements, rents) to and from the university would be made via bank transfer. After you have done registration, you will be able to open an account.

Banks around Kashiwa campus

Japan Post bank…@Kashiwanoha station(174 Wakashiba, Kashiwa)

Keiyo Bank…near Kashiwanoha station(233-2 Wakashiba, Kashiwa)

Chiba Bank…@Kashiwanoha station(174 Wakashiba, Kashiwa)

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank…@Kashiwa(1-2-38 Kashiwa, Kashiwa)

In Kashiwa Campus, ATM is Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Only.You can use cooperated bank's cash card with some commission.

You can use your international brand credit cards at ATMs of Japan Post Bank(at post office or some shopping mall), Seven Bank (at Seven-Eleven) and Citi bank only (but Citi bank ATM is very limited number).


We have some Handbook / Guidebook of Kashiwa Campus life.

You can also download Handbook of Kashiwa Campus life (PDF) and Orientaion Guidebook (PDF) of from the website.

Also Campus map is here.

if you would like to have a hard copy, please visit our office.


>>Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO)Basic Information pages will be helpful.

>> Guide to Living in Japan(MoFA)…You can learn more detail about living in Japan from this guide.
    For other language, please visit MoFA web site.

*Also please visit Links web page.

Leaving Japan

Move out notice

Give the owner and real estate agent two or one months notice of your intention to move out once the date of your move has been decided.

Also, inform the utility companies and terminate contracts.

Returning Items

The office keys, ISSP ID card should be returned to your office secretary.

If you rented something from ILO office, please return them.


We recommend closing the bank account after receiving last salary. Please contact your bank and follow the procedure.

Normally Japanese bank cannot accept address change to abroad.

Municipal Office

Return your national health insurance card, nursing care insurance card and national pension plan (if you have).

Resident Card

To avoide unnecessary taxation, please return the card to immigration inspector at an Airport.

Some of researchers may leave Japan before their visa is expired and have a plan to come back before the expiration date. In these cases too, you have to have your land permission void once as long as your employment contract with the ISSP is ended, and then apply a visa again under the new conditions.