General Information


Whoever staying for more than 90 days and/or expecting a salary payment requires a Certificate of Eligibility.

The application is made by our side. This requires more than 5 weeks, so please check the necessary procedures with your host laboratory as early as possible.

See also; about Visa


The University of Tokyo has International Lodges near each campus for foreign students and faculties.

The ISSP is located in the Kashiwa Campus, which offers Kashiwa Guesthouse for short stays, Kashiwa Lodge and Kashiwanoha Lodge for longer stays. See the Division for International Relations website for information on the University accommodations including private apartments.

For Kashiwa Guesthouse, please see the leaflet(PDF)and information.

If you would like to apply for the Guesthouse or the lodge, please contact your host professor beforehand.

For the information on the private apartment, please refar to Housing Information.

Health Insurance

With your employment at the University of Tokyo, you will be enrolled to the national social insurance.For details, please contact the International Liaison Office.

If you are not officially employed, the National Health Insurance [kenko hoken] will provide you and your family regardless of nationality 70% of the medical expenses.

Each household is issued one Health Insurance Certificate [hoken sho]. Be sure to take it with you when you go to a hospital, dentist, clinic or pharmacy.

Tax Reduction

You may be exempt from paying income tax because of a taxation treaty between your country and Japan to avoid double taxation.

You must apply for a Registration Certificate in your country before arrival.

>>Application for Income Tax Convention PDF

>>download Limitation of Benefits Article (1)-USA (2)-UK (3)-France (4)-Australia


>>・Japan National Tourist Organization

>>・Handbook of Kashiwa Campus Life(PDF)
    … You can understand general information about Japanese social system from the booklet. Please read it!