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ISSP workshop:: Defects and topology in quantum condensed systems (mostly in Japanese)
Title : ISSP workshop:: Defects and topology in quantum condensed systems (mostly in Japanese)
Date : 2012/1/5(Thu)-2012/1/7(Sat)
Place : Lecture Room (A632), 6th Floor, ISSP   
Committee Chair : Minoru kubota(ISSP), Yuichi Okuda(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Makoto Tsubota(Osaka City University),Masaki Oshikawa(ISSP), Msatoshi Sato(ISSP)
e-mail: kubota :at:
Scope : Superfluid behaviour and quantized vortices in various kinds of condensed matter are currently a source of great activity and excitement among physicists. Some of these interesting systems include supersolidity of the quantum solid, hcp 4He, superfluid turbulence in superfluids 4He and 3He, as well as in Bose Einstein Condensates (BEC) of neutral atomic gas systems, spontaneous mass flow at the edge of superfluid 3He-A, the intrinsic angular moment of Cooper pairs in a Fermi system as superfluid 3He and others. Japanese scientists have been making important contributions to understanding these remarkable phenomena and the application of rotating cryostats at ISSP has brought valuable insights on the fundamental physics of these systems. It would be highly beneficial for physicists from a wide range of fields to gather at ISSP, U-Tokyo, to discuss the research from a variety of viewpoints in order to better understand the full meaning of what has been recently learned and to plan for further exploration of the physics of these phenomena. It is also along the line of the genaral aim of the ISSP workshop series.

Assumed fields
Supersolid state of quantum solid
Quantum turbulence and vortex dynamics
Vortex physics in superconductors
Superfluid 3He and exotic superfluids
Surface, interfaces, topology
Quantum systems in restricted geometry
Condensed phases of atomic gas
Crystal growth of quantum solids
Remarks : Please contact Kubota at and send an abstract fitting within a single, A4 page to the above e-mail address not later than November 25 if you wish to make a presentation.
We have limited resources to support the participants mostly domestic.
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