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Quantum Solid properties, the Supersolid state, and the Vortex State
Title : Quantum Solid properties, the Supersolid state, and the Vortex State
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1:30 PM -  
Place : Lecture Room (A632), 6th Floor, ISSP   
Committee Chair : Minoru Kubota (ext.63355)
e-mail: kubota :at:
Scope : The supersolid(SS) state is characterized having both the real space symmetry of a lattice structure and by the momentum space ordering of superfluidity. Originally arguments were based on the Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC) of the imperfections as vacancies, interstitials, and other excitations in the quantum solid, where the average particle displacement caused by the large zero point motions, 25 % of the lattice constant, surpasses the classical melting condition. Following the theoretical consensus about the supersolid occurrence around 1970, there had been world-wide experimental searches, but in vain. The situation dramatically changed with the report by Kim and Chan (2004) on the possible observation of "non-classical rotational inertia (NCRI)", but a microscopic explanation is still lacking. It is becoming increasingly clear that we do observe the vortex fluid(VF) state as seen in the "new type of superconductors", the Cuprate High Tc Superconductors(HTSC). This ISSP workshop developed from discussions with Prof. Kuklov, who is trying to construct a microscopic supersolid theory of the dynamics of imperfections such as dislocations and others, and with Prof. Sergey Nemirovskii, with whom the ISSP Kubota group could analyze the torsional oscillator experiment results in terms of quantized vortex dynamics. We expect also some other specialists in quantized vortices and quantum solids.


Program & Abstract
Remarks : We invite those who would like to join us in the discussions, both experimental and theoretical. Please contact Kubota at and send an abstract fitting within a single, A4 page to the above address as soon as possible and not later than January 31st if you wish to make a presentation. We have limited resources to support the participants mostly domestic.