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[International Workshop]
New Perspectives in Spintronic and Mesoscopic Physics (NPSMP2015)
Title : New Perspectives in Spintronic and Mesoscopic Physics (NPSMP2015)
Date : 2015/6/1(Mon)-2015/6/19(Fri)
Place : ISSP
Committee Chair : Takeo KATO (ext.63255)
e-mail: npsmp2015-sec :at:
Content : This long-stay workshop aims at harnessing two differently evolving but closely related sub-disciplines of condensed matter physics, i.e. mesoscopic and spintronic physics. The goal of the workshop is to address important common future issues for both spintronic and mesoscopic physics by sharing recent theoretical and experimental developments in these research fields and to pave a way towards breakthrough in the interdisciplinary research area. During the workshop, the three days (from 10th Jun. to 12th Jun.) are reserved for the international symposium. Key foreign and domestic researchers are invited to discuss various experimental and theoretical topics to find interesting common problems in this emergent interdisciplinary area and to grope for new direction of future study. For discussion from broader viewpoints, the symposium also treats related subjects such as oxide interfaces, NV center, surface transport and so on.

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