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[International Workshop]
"New Horizon of Strongly Correlated Physics"(NHSCP2014)
Title : "New Horizon of Strongly Correlated Physics"(NHSCP2014)
Date : 2014/6/16(Mon)-2014/7/4(Fri)
Place : ISSP
Committee Chair : Hirokazu TSUNETSUGU (ext.63597)
e-mail: nhscp2014 :at:
Content : The scope of NHSCP2014 workshop shall cover exotic quantum properties of strongly correlated systems. Unconventional superconductivity, frustrated magnets, heavy fermion systems, Mott transition and spin-orbital order in transition metal compounds, and cold atom systems will be discussed along with other interesting subjects.
Another important issue of the workshop is the new developments and applications of numerical approaches to strongly correlated systems. Dynamical mean-field theory is one example and its application will be discussed for superconducting phases and non-equilibrium states. This workshop takes place for three weeks, and includes a three-day symposium from Jun. 25 to 27.
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