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Towards Elucidation of Novel Order in Quantum Magnets by using (in Japanese)
Title : Towards Elucidation of Novel Order in Quantum Magnets by using (in Japanese)
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4:00 PM -  
Place : Lecture Room (A632), 6th Floor, ISSP   
Lecturer : Synge Todo
Affiliation : ISSP - Center of Computational Materials Science -
Summary : It is known that the effect of quantum fluctuations becomes remarkable especially in magnets with strong spatial anisotropy, such as wires and thin films, and also in nano paticles, etc. In such materials, the shape effect of substance is especially strong, and quantum state, where spins resonate by quantum fluctuations and they can not align with each other, realizes frequently. Furthermore, when non-magnetic impurities are doped, this "spin liquid" state exhibits extremely different characteristic -- long-range magnetic order induced by randomness. We are tackling the elucidation of the novel order in quantum magnets, and quantum critical phenomena through development of the new computational physics techniques, such as the quantum Monte Carlo method. In this lecture, we would like to also introduce our recent research of parallelization algorithm which fully demonstrates the capability of the latest parallel supercomputers including the K Computer under development in Kobe, and the present status of development of open-source software for quantum lattice models.
Contact : Masaki OSHIKAWA, Yohei KOBAYASHI (ext.63365)