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[ISSP Colloquiums]
ISSP Lectures by Visiting Professors (mostly in Japanese)
Title : ISSP Lectures by Visiting Professors (mostly in Japanese)
Date :
Time :
10:00 AM - 0:00 PM 
Place : Lecture Room (A632), 6th Floor, ISSP   
Summary : 10:00-10:10 IYE Yasuhiro (ISSP Director,Professor)

10:10-10:30 KONDO Hiroshi (Keio University, Professor)
"Synchrotron-Based Time-Resolved Surface Core-Level Spectroscopy"
*in Japanese

10:30-10:5 KONTANI Hiroshi (Nagoya University, Associate Professor)
"Novel anomalous Hall effect due to orbital degree of freedom"
*in Japanese

10:50-11:00 a recess

11:00-11:20 UZUNOV, Dimo (Bulgarian Academy of Science, Professor)
"Thermodynamics and (T,P)phase diagrams of itinerant ferromagnetic compounds with a coexistence of ferromagnetism and spin-triplet superconductivity"

11:20-11:25 BALICAS, Luis (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA, Associate scholar/scientist)
Talk cancelled due to flight delay. Prof. Nakatsuji (ISSP) will briefly introduce Dr. BALICAS's works.

11:25-11:45 KADOWAKI Hiroaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Associate Professor)
"Quantum phase transitions in heavy electron systems and in itinerant d-electron magnets: neutron scattering study"
*in Japanese

Committee Chair : OSHIKAWA Masaki(63275), TOKUNAGA Masashi(63533)