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LASOR seminar: X-ray spectromicroscopy: A powerful technique for probing nanostructures
標題: LASOR seminar: X-ray spectromicroscopy: A powerful technique for probing nanostructures
日時: 2017年4月21日(金)  午後1:30~
場所: SPring-8会議室(TV会議 物性研究所第一会議室)
講師: Dr. Carla Bittencourt
所属: Universite de Mons
要旨: Engineering of surfaces and interfaces of nanostructures remains a central goal of modern solid state physics and chemistry, since atomically controlled interfaces play a key role in the performance of nanodevices. Limitations in characterisation and theoretical modelling tools have been a major obstacle to the development of controllable device interfaces. Technology is now entering a period of convergence between theory and characterisation tools, traditional spectroscopic techniques are being combined with microscopy to characterise individual nanoobjects.
In the first part of this talk we will discuss nanoscale spectroscopy using polarized X-rays by NEXAFS-TXM. We present image stacks and polarization-dependent NEXAFS spectra from individual titanate nanoribbons. The full-field transmission X-ray microscope (TXM) installed at the beamline U41 in BESSY II (Berlin Germany) generates high-resolution, large-area NEXAFS data with high collection rate. This new high-resolution NEXAFS-TXM technique opens the way to advanced nanoscale science studies.
Novel X-ray optics is also revolutionising the well-established X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy allowing the characterisation of isolated nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes or graphene. In the second part of the talk we will discuss recent results on doping of carbon nanostructures recorded at the beamline ESCAMICROSCOPY at Elettra (Trieste–Italy).

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